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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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anchor: a four-year-old is dead after police say his stepmom punish him with scalding hot water. sheree: this happens late last night. the boy was found this morning and not breathing. tammy: neighbors are just horrified by this. investigators are shaken up by this case. nothing warrants this kind of punishment. especially on the innocent child. >>
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tammy: the punishment was so cruel that he ended up dead. police say at the ritchie admitted she puts scalding hot water in a bathtub and then put in the extreme heat. was sent to bed and no one checked on him overnight. this morning the child was dead. austin' s dad was in the house but police are trying to figure out if he was involved. >> it is horrible. i couldn' t imagine. as a mother and a grandmother i couldn' t imagine it. it is like something out of a movie. tammy: she was charged with
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s final ruling on >> the cause of death. >> >> our hearts and prayers go out to the child' s family. neighbors who know ritchie said they spoke with her a few days ago and she was very no one can understand why. sheree: it breaks your heart. ritchie is in the warren county jail. being held on a $100,000 bond and she will be arraigned on friday afternoon. mike: 30 hours but no definitive answers. that vehicle plunged down into the ohio river. few tips are coming in on who might have been inside. the recovery for that vehicle was called off because the river is just too dangerous for the divers trying to recover that vehicle. newly released 911 calls show the chaos.
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there is a major accident on to 75. on the bridge going over the river. a car is over the edge. mike: campbell county police are still waiting to hear from the family member of whoever was in that vehicle. new clues could come on friday. it might be until sunday or monday before the current settles down in the river. sheree: a bridge closure on the bright expanse tonight. lanes and southbound are just now beginning to close as they do work on the lighting system. through 5:00 in the morning. lanes will also be closed at fort washington way leading up to the bridge. this is not a full closure. traffic will be able to get by as you can see from our live
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mike: popular former bengal i cky woods lost his super bowl championship ring and now it is on ebay. emily: he says he found out about it today when someone that ebay post with his championship ring. prices $25,000. when he saw it for the first time he was angry. he is working with police to get it back. woods: everybody wants me to do this. i' m going to get some cold cuts. emily: people want him to do the beloved icky shuffle. he says his personalized ring was stolen from his home more than 20 years ago.
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you cried and you did everything you could to make it to that ultimate game. emily: a quick online search for his memorabilia pulls up dozens of items. the running back said he never thought his one-of-a-kind championship ring would end up on ebay for nearly $25,000. woods: to see it on ebay and should know that it didn' t get there honestly is what really got me ticked off. emily: online seller gained possession of the ring. he says he deserves to have it back because it represents one of the most memorable times in cincinnati bengals history. woods: i hope we never find out who took it for me. the person who has it now, i would like to get my ring back.
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emily: 44 people are currently watching the offer on his ring. it has yet to sell. mike: he is working with cincinnati police trying to track down the current seller. sheree: freshman is now facing charges threat at a school just yesterday. the 14-year-old is accused of stall. another student reported it and the school was evacuated. no bomb was found. these threats are taken very seriously. they are not funny. he is sending a stern warning out tonight saying that those who make these threats will be expelled. charged with a felony. and they will go to jail. mike: a company has now been cited in connection with a
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26-year-old construction worker. the occupational safety and health administration cited still first sight service saying that its employees were not treated properly. osha proposes $91,000 in penalties. the victim was working on a sewer line when a 10 foot deep trench collapsed burying him. he died two days later. sheree: wyoming neighbors are coming together to try to fight the opioid epidemic. dozens met at the middle school to talk about what they can do to reduce the impact that drugs are having on the community. >> it is right important for them to know that they can do something. there are a lot of things being done and everyone can play a role in taking action. sheree: the organization prevention first recommends starting a
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mike: a new plea from the wyoming high school grad being held in north korea. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly stealing a propaganda banner from a hotel. he pleaded with north korea' s supreme court. otto: i take for you to see that i' m only human. -- i bake for you to see that i' m only human. mike: he said he was bribed by a member of the church to steal the banner. the state department is calling on north korea to pardon him and release them on humanitarian grounds. the ohio man accused of trying to recruit people to join isis changes his plea in federal court. he pleaded guilty to a federal terrorism charge today in akron.
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recruiting, he also paid an undercover agent to buy an ak-47 rifle. the plea deal recommends 16 years behind bars. he will be sentenced in june. sheree: a university of cincinnati professor was arrested on child support charges. they say parker admitted to sending and receiving thousands of images and videos of sexual act involving children. -- sexual acts involving children. >> it is important to distinguish the professor from the private life person. who he was at home was not really our business. sheree: professor parker has been suspended. the fbi says there is no evidence linking those images to the university. mike: a missing persons case in middletown is now being
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lindsay bogan was last seen six months ago. her boyfriend was arrested last fall and charged with promoting prostitution which police say involved bogan. crime stoppers is now offering a $25,000 reward for information. and of aurora emt , his time on the run is now over. he has been arrested for stealing a six-figure amount of money from his employer. he is accused of stealing more than a hundred thousand dollars from the emergency rescue. he disappeared nearly one month ago. he turned himself in. he was the treasurer and how been -- had been part of the department for more than 20 years. >> we didn' t know and then we see some people racing around with tranquilizers. sheree: a wild scene at the cincinnati
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barrett and little one took advantage of an open door and wandered into the hallway. they secure the building and notified the veterinary staff immediately. parents and kids were either moved out of the zoo or inside buildings. the polar bears were moved to its their primary holding area after being tranquilized. the zoo says the two bears could be back in their exhibit as early as this coming friday. mike: those things can get aggressive. no problem today. an amazing surprise one year after a tragedy. sheree: you need to stay awake for this one. hoping to erase the painful memories with a very special gift. kevin: it is already a little
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it is getting colder as we get to the weekend. that important st. patrick' s day forecast is coming up.
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video could land her in sheree: one year after a brutal attack on a child kentucky family had something amazing happened area at the cameras were rolling for the surprise of a lifetime. with the help of lexington police, the family of antonio rees had a big surprise waiting for them. antonio was leaving physical therapy today one year after being shot in the head while in his family' s fan. antonio has undergone several brain surgeries since then. those who is helped the rees family could not wait to strangers. >> we heard about your story. and your fight and your great forward. we want to help you move forward. we would like to give you this
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to help you move on from that vehicle that you had a tragic thing occur in. >> thank you so much. you don' t know what you just did. sheree: the family says the shooting happened after they asked a man to move his car that was blocking them in on their way to dinner. antonio was in a coma for a week. they have also been raising money for a service dog for a little antonio. >> girls are on this side boys are on that side. hope you got a good picture of it. mike: the of seen gesture that has a bus driver under review. a seven-year-old' s father recorded the confrontation. it also involved his daughter. they say the woman is a
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middle finger. and yelling in front of the students. the ncaa' s first four are wrapping up right now in dayton. the police work is far from over. a two day staying targeting prostitutes who come to town for the basketball tournament. it has netted at least eight arrests. some of the women travel from out of state. they say this staying focused on online prostitution. sheree: governor john john kasich is hoping to ride a new wave of momentum after his victory in ohio. he spoke at villanova university outside of philadelphia. he said his primary win is adding to the campaigns confidence. john kasich: the strength of our country rests in us. it rests in our ability to believe that we can change the world for the better.
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john kasich heads to utah next. what utah voters will not be seeing is a head-to-head debate between kasich and donald trump. the debate scheduled for monday has been canceled. donald trump said we' ve had enough debates. he would not debate without trump on stage. mike: back to normal in the morning for commuters in washington dc. the city' s subways are expected to be back online tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning. the metro was shut down at midnight so workers can check cables that might have played a role in a tunnel fire. 26 defects were found. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: temperatures are starting
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it is not as cold it is going to get more we get to the weekend. those winds have relaxed tonight. i do expect them to pick back up. those winds will bring in some much cooler temperatures. it will turn downright chilly just as we welcome in spring. on sunday. tomorrow is st. patrick' s day. no weather woes at all. tomorrow morning mid 40' s. a nice day tomorrow, basically a repeat of today. temperatures will begin to fall back into the 50' s. tomorrow night we will drop down into the 30' s in the area. tonight is a nice-looking night.
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it is 48 in wilmington. you can see is 53 in hamilton. the wind has come down. because of some cloud cover tonight that should be enough to help prevent it from getting as cold as it could get overnight tonight. this big storm system is wrapping up across the great lakes. across lake superior. over the next couple of days, this storm center will be pulling away so we have less of an impact on the area. it will bring in some clouds across the area. and then we will have cooler temperatures. no problems overnight tonight.
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here is a look at the jet stream. this is a big dip in the jet. we will not see this big drop in temperature. it will be a gradual cooling trend. notice that the jet stream continues to sink south and cooler air continues to filter into the ohio valley. by the weekend we have this big dip in the jet stream. unseasonably cool for this time of year. i hope you haven' t put away the jackets just yet. tomorrow partly cloudy with cool wind. temperatures in the low 60' s. 45 degrees at 8:00 a.m.. this is your seven-day forecast.
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overnight lows over the weekend will drop back close to freezing. hopefully you haven' t gotten out on the lawns just yet because it will be chilly. mike: rain holding off on the weekend. sheree: thunder, and alligator snapping turtle, died. it was 150 years old. rescued from a seafood market in louisiana. in the late 1990' s. hitting the road for march madness. mike: the savior musketeers on
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george: the ncaa tournament is starting its march to the final four. the first games are wrapping up tonight in dayton.
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michigan is the winner over tulsa. at xavier there were some fans left campus. they loaded up the bus and headed for st. louis for state. savior is looking to bounce back from that loss to seton hall in the big east tournament. >> team. it is win or go home. accounts. he will be in st. louis to bring in the story that game. derek is in spokane. indiana and kentucky hosting tournament play tomorrow. the hoosiers take on chattanooga
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stony brook. the hoosiers and the wildcats will meet on saturday if they win. ohio' s final four begins tomorrow in columbus. he had 19 points, 13 boards, four blocks and four assists. a nice feed to brandon hall. they will meet murray in the elite eight. on friday. they have them all stirred up and roger bacon. the spartans basketball team. bacon is part of the division iii final four that begins
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wilmington playing in the division i final for friday evening. the bengals signed another one of their own. defensive tackle accepted a two-year deal as he enters his ninth nfl season. his seventh season here in cincinnati. the reds are playing a late game in a cactus league. he gave up seven runs on nine hits in one inning. the reds trailed 7-1. bronson arroyo , that could be it for bronson if that is the case.
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a stepmother is behind bars charged in connection with a franklin child' s death. she admitted she put a four-year-old boys legs in scalding hot water to punish him last night. investigators say they sent the boy to bed and this morning he was not breathing. richie is charged with child endangerment. they are trying to figure out if a little boy' s dad was also involved. mike: no answers yet after that vehicle plunged off the bridge into the ohio river. few tips are coming in about who might of been inside. the recovery was called off because of the conditions of the river. sheree: more springlike weather tomorrow.
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the difference between possible and impossible? it's a person who believes they can, surrounded and supported by others-by us- who believe it, too. u.s. bank -- the power of possible. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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